The Power of a Child

Never underestimate the powerful compassion of a child, for they, too, can make a positive difference in the world we live in.

I first met Morgan via email. She sent me a message inviting me to learn about an organization she created called Motivating Kids to Give. Through it she has organized trash pick-up days in her community. She has organized Music Day at her local nursing home where kids perform for the residents. She has organized this incredible charity walk where the kids themselves get to choose which organization or cause they are walking for. And she is only 11.

Eleven years young.

I was able to meet Morgan face to face Sunday, May 19th at the charity walk/run. I’m confident Morgan is going to be a household name pretty soon. Within minutes of speaking with her I could tell she has drive, ambition and compassion – absolute keys to success! But even more than that, this kid has grit.

I asked her why she started all of this; what made her want to create an organization like this? She explained she had wanted to run in an event with her marathon racing mother and was told she couldn’t because she was too young. See, she was ‘just a kid’ so they wouldn’t let her participate. So, she decided to create her own event.

Morgan is a game changer. Wise beyond her years, she isn’t content to sit back and just let things be. She took a situation and made it better than what it could have been. I can’t help but be more than a little pleased that she was prohibited from participating in that running event… because if she had been allowed, maybe none of these kids would have been on this hot track on a Sunday afternoon with the sun beating down. I watched as the future of our world took lap after lap, smiling, laughing, encouraging one another not to give up. I listened to story after story from mothers who were insistent that the kids do their own fundraising, make their own phone calls. And each one of those children rose to the occasion. And I watched with pride as each one made yet another pass around the track.

The event lasted one hour. I think the average distance was 2.5 – 3 miles per child. Amazing!!

Never, ever, underestimate the powerful compassion of a child. They make a wonderful difference in the world we live in!

Motivating Kids to Give

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2 Responses to The Power of a Child

  1. Vickie Stirmel Saltmarsh says:

    Great job Morgan! We need more young children like this!

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