The 19 Days

There are ninete19daysen days that separate Avery’s date of birth and the date of her sudden and unexpected death (10/05/01-10/24/2012).

When the first anniversary of her death approached, I worried mostly about how this would affect her friends and the young children that knew her. I didn’t want them focusing on the tragic-ness of it all. I wanted them to see that beauty can come from ashes. That brokenness can be restored. That joy can exist among sorrow.

And so began the greatest Kindness and Compassion Campaign to hit the area: The 19 Days. 

Nineteen days of spreading intentional kindness and compassion in a plethora of ways:

  • holding the door open
  • sitting with the new kid at lunch
  • making dinner for a friend
  • leaving an encouraging note on a windshield
  • giving flowers to a stranger
  • making cookies for the police department
  • raking the neighbor’s lawn

That first year, The 19 Days went international! Friends, neighbors and strangers shared ideas through the social media hash tag #the19days and the world followed along throughout the United States, Australia, Ireland. It was – and is – exactly how Avery would want to be remembered.

The 19 Days is held and celebrated every year between October 5th and the 24th. Remember, it’s never too early to prepare!

Be the joy. Be the kindness. Be the compassion.